Adolfo Sanchez | Chapel wedding veil with blusher, long bridal veil, ivory

Regular price $300

Elbow Length – 75cm
Fingertip Length – 115cm
Floor Length – 200cm
Chapel Length/Short Train – 250cm
Cathedral Length/Long Train – 300cm
Blusher -70cm

Embroidery – Any design can be embroidered in any color and designs can be commissioned to compliment your dress, jewelry or flowers
Swarovski – Crystals, pearls or diamante all hand sewn onto your veil
Ribbon – 100% silk ribbon edging.
Lace – Beautiful Italian and French lace, sourced direct from the manufacturer, many widths and designs available.
Roll Stitch Edge - This can be done in just about any color including silver or gold, or in white or ivory to match your veil

Plastic – Available in 7cm or 10cm
Metal – Available in 8cm